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Oil and Gas

Full Range of Upstream and Downstream Coverages

During exploration phase:

•       Cost of well control, re-drill, clean up costs up to an agreed limit.
•       Third Party Liability including pollution liability excess of above
•       Equipment in transit/storage

During field development phase – Construction All Risks Insurance (“CAR”) covering:

•       All risks of physical loss or damage to project works during project period
•       Third party liability

During production phase (including development drilling) Operational Insurance Package (“OIP”) covering:

•       All risks of physical loss or damage to insured assets
•       Cost of well control, re-drill, clean up costs
•       Third Party Liability including pollution liability
•       Equipment in transit/storage
•       Business Interruption/Loss of Production Income

Workmen’s Compensation Insurance


Construction and Power Generation


Gate Insurance Group provides coverage for some of the best known landmark construction projects and provides a complete range of construction coverages including:

Contractors All Risks (“CAR”
Erectors All Risks (“EAR”)
Delay In Start Up (“DSU”)
Physical Damage
War & Terrorism
Decennial Liability

Personal Accident, Life and Medical

One of the staples of insurance and we therefore offer a comprehensive range of specialist insurances for everyone from individuals coming to Iraq for the first time to established companies with hundreds of staff in the country. Trusted by over 5,000 insurers to look after them, our products to protect individuals include:

Accidental Death and Injury
War & Terrorism
Medical Expenses
Medical Evacuation
High limits for senior executives
Kidnap & Ransom
Life insurance
Defense Bases Act (“DBA”)

Political Risk and Investment Insurance

Whether you are an equity investor, a financial institution, delivering a project or an importer Political Risk Insurance (“PRI”) remains a major consideration. While trade related cover is still very challenging to deliver Gate Insurance Group is able to offer a range of asset related cover:

Confiscation of fixed or mobile assets including deprivation, nationalisation, creeping, expropriation, selective discrimination, forced abandonment and forced divestiture
Political violence – war on land and terrorism
Inability to convert or transfer currency
Specialist coverages such as aircraft confiscation and repossession


For airlines

  Hull All Risks
  Breach of Warranty
  War Risks
  Comprehensive Legal Liability
  Total Loss Only
  Ground Risks Only
  Aircraft repossession

For airports

  Legal liability to passengers and airline customers
  All physical damage exposures to plant, building and equipment
  Consequential loss resulting from airport closure
  Airside Liability
  War Risks


We offer highly competitive rates for the import of goods on a range of bases including:

  Hazardous or “difficult” cargo
  High value cargo
  Draw down facilities for major projects
  Origin to Destination
  Iraq Only
  War & Terrorism
  With and without security

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